Monday, December 8, 2014

Charities That Really Help

I must admit that I cheated and went to Forbes to get my data. They investigate, evaluate, and analyze the organizations in order to establish their efficacy, so people like you and me have more knowledge before sending money to a charity this holiday season. The data they provide would have taken me many days to accumulate.

I am really glad that Salvation Army and Feeding America are at the top five of the fifty they mention. Check the list of fifty, and see which one sounds right for you. Please remember to not feel guilty. Give what you can, if you can. And if you do give, then give to an organization that is close to your heart, so you will feel the pull to give again during the year.

Here's wishing you well, and God Bless you.

Here is the link: Top Fifty Charities - Listed by Forbes

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