Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I have not heard from You.
I have not seen You.
Are You listening?
Can You see me?
I’ve been waiting…

I’ve felt Your presence in the past,
I’ve noticed Your blessing before
But today I have doubt.
Why do I doubt?

If I’ve heard You, felt You, talked with You
before why is it today I feel lost?
Is it me not listening?
Maybe I am not looking at You,
Am I the one not answering?

Allow me to be open to Your word.
Give me strength to continue,
Feed me with Your grace, shower me
with Your patience, cover me with
Your blanket of protection from evil.

My ears are open, my eyes alert, my
heart is soft, ready to receive You.
You have always been here,
Thanks for waiting for me!
© Frank Orobello

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