Friday, December 5, 2014

My Super Hero

This poem was written by my daughter to her father. It not only explains her sentiments but also allows one to visualize how even as a grown woman, she sees her father from the eyes of a young child. I think her words are are heart warming and passionate. They are tender and loving. I hope you will enjoy reading this beautiful testament to her Poppy Man.

I believe in Super Heroes
Because I have one you see.
He is an amazing man in my life
He's my Poppy.

He has moved mountains in my eyes
and parted a forest of trees.
He has put away bad guys
And calmed the roaring seas.

He has strength that is not human
And a heart of iron and gold
He has the kindest eyes
Of anyone I've known.

He can create a masterpiece with any material
It's like magic you see.
He has lots of gifts yet many do not know
But I am lucky enough to love this man,
My Super Hero. 
                                                                                   © Natalie Orobello

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