Monday, December 1, 2014

The Guilt of Not Giving

I have sometimes felt guilty because I do not give to the United Way or American Cancer Society or American Red Cross, or whatever society someone else is giving to. At my previous job, we were almost pressured to give to the United Way. For weeks I would feel guilty if I had not given. My husband and I give to a few organizations that mean a lot to us, and it IS impossible to give to every society that asks for donations.

Every day, we receive mail from at least one or two agencies that request money. They send stickers, address labels, necklaces with the face of Jesus, and in one case I got a two dollar check that I could deposit if I sent a ten dollar donation. I ripped up the check. That one was really out to make me feel guilty. 

I admit I am not the world’s greatest giver. My mother was. She nearly took the clothes off our backs, so she could send them to the orphanage in Italy. If my mother had one dollar left, she would give the entire amount at church, knowing God would provide. He always did, but mind you she lived a very frugal and altruistic life. I give clothes, appliances, and furniture to either the Salvation Army or a church related thrift store because they don't overcharge costumers. I waited for my children to outgrow their clothes before giving them away (the clothes not my children).  If I'm left with a dollar, I will give fifty cents because though I trust God will provide, I'm not one hundred per cent sure he’ll provide that week.

This month is probably noted for being the most charitable month on the calendar. Christmas is a time of giving and there are thousands of charities one can give to. But, which one is the most responsible? Which one truly gives to those in need and not to the executives who work there? The one’s who don’t lay on the guilt, but wait for you to make the generous gift. They don’t contact you, you contact them. So, check out my blog next week for some insight into those charities that are the most trustworthy.

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