Thursday, December 4, 2014

What Is The Truth in the Michael Brown Case?

I'm so confused. Maybe I need help understanding what is happening in this country. I am ambivalent about the Michael Brown case. I'm not sure where I stand. Why? Because I hear so many conflicting stories, so which story do I believe?

It would be nice if CNN, Fox News, or any other news station would give us facts and not hype. CNN thrives on drowning viewers with intense images based on histrionics. Fox News is biased and reflects the news depending on their point of view. What we need is an impartial point of view from professionals who don't want to incite viewers the way Rev. Al Sharpton does, but who want to state the whole story and then evaluate or analyze the facts within the story.

An article in The Washington Post takes forensic evidence made available to the grand jury that verifies the information provided by the officer. The article, "The Physical Evidence in the Michael Brown Case Supported the officer (update with physical DNA evidence)" written by Paul Cassell, a teacher of criminal law at S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah, painstakingly reviews many pages of transcript in order to better understand what actually occurred on that fateful day.  A quote by Mr. Cassell suggests ulterior reasons for Michael Brown's supporters, "Perhaps the reason for this disinterest in the ballistics report, autopsies and other similar information is that for at least some of Brown’s supporters the facts are, apparently, largely irrelevant because Brown is a metaphorical “symbol” of injustice."

I believe that much work needs to be done toward rectifying matters. Our president has promised he will work toward improving conditions and communication within integrated communities. He promises financial support to better prepare, train, and equip our police officers. That’s great. I’m glad. But, the change must take place within individuals whether white or black. Burning stores, buildings, cars, and destroying property in general does not connote innocence. Violence justifies nothing.

Perhaps, if the news had reported the fact from the very beginning, then much of the violence and anger that took place would not have happened. I hope everyone wants what I want. I hope that during this season of love and giving, we will all love with an open mind and not a bigoted one and give with an open heart without prejudice for anyone whether white or black. 

© Natala Orobello

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