Monday, January 12, 2015

Change for Me

It amazes me that when we meet someone we fall in love with him/her because of certain traits we find endearing. We love the fact that they are _____________, _______________, and ______________ (you fill in the blanks), but years later, we tend to want them to change those exact same traits we fell in love with.  Those traits become annoyances, yet if we are asked to change we get angry, after all, this is who you fell in love with, right?

Change for Me

Will you change for me?
Will you change the way you look,
the way you dress, the way you act,
the way you speak and eat?

You haven’t changed from the day we met.
You’re still the same so many years later.

Me? You want me to change?

 © Natala Orobello

1 comment:

madeline graham said...

Yes, I read the poem, as presented on the blog, but I did not feel the vulnerability. I hope you are okay with my critique. To me it reads more like a life lesson.

Perhaps if you use the Italian language to revisit the emotion, you will not be so guarded in opening up the sensitivity of the experience.