Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fresh Tuna Salad

Fresh Tuna Salad

We love this salad because it’s light yet filling. There are plenty of ingredients and you can keep adding, depending on your taste. The other day I changed the Italian dressing to soy sauce and wasabi and sprinkled some toasted sesame seeds on top. You can add blue cheese and walnuts or goat cheese and toasted pignoli nuts, yummy!

Ingredients for two people:
2 small tuna steaks – seared and left pink on inside – then slice for on top of salad
2 heads of Romaine lettuce – cleaned and chopped
8 Asparagus spears – steamed
2 slices of roasted red pepper – can be from jar – cut into strips
2 hard boiled eggs – sliced
½ cup olive oil
1 tsp. vinegar
1 tbsp.  water
Pinch of salt
Pinch of pepper
Pinch of oregano
2 leaves of fresh basil – julienned

Place chopped Romaine lettuce into salad bowls, one for each person. Then place 4 asparagus spears, several slices of red peppers, and one sliced egg in each bowl. Finally, place tuna slices on top.
Mix the dressing in blender so it is fully emulsified. Pour dressing on top of salads or leave on the side for salad dipping if you prefer.
If you must have bread, then serve warm flat bread cut into bread stick sizes.© Natala Orobello

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