Monday, January 26, 2015

RSVP Please!!

What has happened to responding to invitations? Are we all so busy we can't be polite enough to let people know ahead of time whether we can or cannot attend an event?

I believe this is the way it's supposed to work:
One: you get an invitation that requires an rsvp
Two: you respond whether you can go or not by the RSVP date given

It's as easy as that, so why are fewer and fewer people responding? Trust me, I'm not the only one complaining! This occurs for private and public functions. People think it's no big deal if they do not respond because it's only one or two individuals, but if many think that way, then it's no longer one or two it's ten or more. The food is purchased, the buffet tables are set, and those who expect 30 or 100 people are ready for that number not 20 or 80!!

Some people wait for a better invitation, and if nothing else comes up then they decide to attend the function for which they did not respond. Wrong, wrong, wrong. If you didn't respond, then you're not included any longer. If you responded that you are going, then go for goodness sakes, unless you are ill and then call the host or hostess and let them know.

Be cordial - be polite.
I admit we have become a lax society, but have we become rude as well?
RSVP, it's the right thing to do.

 © Natala Orobello

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