Friday, February 27, 2015

Lost Youth

Years ago there was a violation
It caused the young heart and soul to ache
The child put the time behind her
Tried to forgive
Tried to forget.

Years passed and yet his face stared
She wanted to look away
But could not
The guilt she thought was her’s.

Adult mouths told her she was to blame
Little did they know
Of the pain 
they caused the woman 
who had not grown past ten.

For years she carried the shame
                                                    thinking red lips and painted nails
Short skirts and developing breasts
“asked for it”

 Thirty years later
Swollen eyes red from crying
Unafraid of the last breath -
unafraid of dying.

Finally she awakens
To see the truth unfold
She was not to blame.
At forty she is innocent
She is beautiful, she is strong enough

to forgive!

                                                                                  © Natala Orobello

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