Monday, February 23, 2015

Remind Me When

Today I was talking to someone I would call a close acquaintance. I’ve known her for a few years, so we’re comfortable talking, and one conversation led to another and suddenly we were talking about trust. Who can you trust?
Remind me when human beings were able to trust implicitly. Was there ever a time? Even I who try to be very trustworthy have let people down, I’m sure I’ve done so many times. So, why do we think others cannot fall from grace every once in a while?
This acquaintance of mine said she finally had an awakening when she realized the problem wasn’t with others but with her. She expected or had high expectations of everyone. Invariably people will fall off the pedestal on which we have placed them. Lots to think about.
We have faults? I have faults? You’re kidding? Aren’t I perfect? No, dam it I’m not perfect – far from it. I know this. Really, I do, but it’s so hard to remember my imperfections.  I try to be honest – honest. I try to be on time all the time, really I do. I try to be dependable – but sometimes I overextend myself and forget. I try… That’s the point. I try. We try. But, we are human; we have faults. Everyone of us.

So, who do we trust? When was there ever a time when humans could trust one another? Never. Ever. This is not me being a cynic. This is me being a realist. 

© Natala Orobello

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