Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cancer's Enemy - I am Woman

A good friend of mine was recently diagnosed with cancer. My mind has been on cancer fast track. I can sometimes understand those who have been smoking for forty years developing lung cancer or someone who eats fast food every day of the week developing stomach cancer, but there are those thousands who have tried to eat right, exercise, and live a loving life style and still get cancer. How and why does this happen?
My poem treats cancer as an uninvited guest, and I truly believe every person who has cancer should take on the attitude that the cancer is not welcomed. I have heard patients say, "I have learned to love my cancer." Bull ---- one should not love an enemy who is trying to destroy one's body and soul. I say tell the terrorist to get the hell out!!!
I wrote this poem for my girlfriend Lee -

YOU came into my life like the snake into the garden
YOU didn't ask permission nor did you beg my pardon
Like an unwelcome guest you entered without invite
and now I'd like to tell you the type of host you've got.

I am woman - I have roared
I am woman - I have endured
I am woman - I've lived, I've birthed, I've loved.
I am woman - I've decided to throw you out the door!

My hospitality you expected
and I've been kind and patient too
but now it's time YOU leave -
YOU have had your last meal
YOU have had your last drink
I am tossing you to the curb
for I am stronger than you think.

I am woman
just so you know
women take on the combat
and win the WAR.
© Natala Orobello

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