Monday, March 16, 2015

Sage Advice

      Every nationality has Mama’s sage advice. As a Sicilian, born and raised, I learned that we Italians have a “proverbio” for everything. I’m sure there are similar proverbs in every culture, but I can only discuss the one’s I heard as I was growing up. Unfortunately, I don’t remember too many, but here are a few imprinted in my brain.
      Here’s one I was raised on, “Poveri si, sporchi no!” Poor yes, dirty no! My mother and father raised six children on a meager salary. In Italy, my father designed and tailored suits for men and women, dresses, skirts, blouses, shirts, and more, and most of the time he received bartered items instead of cash. Often, we had just enough to pay the bills and purchase food items. We owned a round bathtub housed outside the home in a type of closet. We washed everyday and took long baths once a week.

     Another favorite proverb of mine is “In solita si trova santita.” In solitude one finds wisdom.” I don’t think anyone in my family, brother or sisters, dreads being alone. I especially seek solitude when I need to work through a situation. I enjoy quiet walks at the beach or a visit to a museum. I don’t mind dining alone. We respected my mother’s need to be alone and learned that solitude is beneficial for one’s sanity as well as one’s wisdom.
     One particular proverb I wish I had paid more attention to is, “Penseci prima di farlo.” Think before you act. Oh boy, how many times did I react without thinking it through? Invariably, I would live to regret the impromptu decision. The irony is I brought up my children to do so, and they seem to have learned well, yet I continue to make the mistake, not as often, but often enough!
     If you would like to hear more, write me.  I’m sure I can remember a few more you can sure with your loved ones.
© Natala Orobello

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