Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Women as Providers

Brazilian President - Dilma Vana Rousseff

 As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am dedicating this summer to Women's Studies. So far, I have read the history of women's fashions, and most recently women and economics. In Why Gender Matters in Economics written by Mukesh Eswaran, it appears that women expect less from their employers, and are less aggressive because they fear they will be viewed as being pushy. This sounds like the mind of an eighteenth century woman! I once thought that women took one step forward and two steps backward; now, I'm beginning to believe that we have taken 1/4 step forward and about ten steps backwards.

     Mukesh Eswaran discusses research done by Sara Solneck which concludes that a female will ask for less than her male counterpart and an employer will offer a woman less than he would offer a male employee. Women are afraid to lose their jobs and afraid to appear greedy. Another research by Catherine Eckel and Phillip Grossman found that women leaders or employers are more generous than men yet still give less than they can afford.

     Women must begin to view themselves as the intelligent, wise, common sensical individuals they are. One particular story both upset and delighted me. It is the story of a young Pakistani woman whose husband beat her on a daily basis. They had barely enough to feed their frail children and her husband didn't even attempt to get a job, yet he blamed her for the female children she bore him and was ready to divorce her. In her utter despair, she borrowed under a hundred dollars from the Kashf Foundation, which helped her begin her embroidery business. Now, she supports not only her family but her extended family as well. Her husband has stopped beating her and sometimes even helps with the business.

     Research shows that an employed woman benefits her family much more so than an employed man. An employed woman will bring most of her salary back to her family; whereas, a man will spend on himself before bringing the money home to his family. Woman are family oriented and service oriented. It has been proven that female politicians will promote service type expenditures like better education and better welfare services.

     It is 2015 and still we hesitate to elect a woman president! Why! One needs to look around at our world to see what our male leaders have accomplished. In business, in family, and in politics women must be given equal consideration. We may not be able to open the mayo jar, but that doesn't mean we can't govern, lead, or direct.
© Natala Orobello

Thursday, June 11, 2015

On The Subject of Women

This summer I am dedicating to Woman’s Studies. I have always been an advocate for a woman’s education and for her improved conditions at home. I believe these go hand in hand but not always. I have known very educated women who are suppressed, repressed, abused physically, emotionally, and sexually, and I have written multiple articles regarding this topic.

My research is about one-quarter completed. I am learning that most of my opinions are accurate, women who are educated, in the work force, and self-reliant experience a greater degree of freedom from oppression and abuse. I am learning that men from almost the beginning of time have tried (and most often have succeeded) to keep women barefoot and pregnant or at the very least dependant on him. This confirms his power, authority, and governance over the weaker sex who is after all the culprit of his sexual desires.

I have learned that throughout history, men have blamed women for his “seduction”, so she has had to abide by some very dismal, painful, and uncomfortable dress codes. Every continent has imposed a certain dress code, so a woman’s body is totally kept hidden from his lustful eyes, or women were given fashion (designed by men) that enhanced a woman’s sexual appeal. Today, many women in industrialized countries dress comfortably according to their own desires, taste, and appeal.

Perhaps, as I continue to learn and research, I will share my findings like my next book I'm reading on Economics and how women have actually helped socio-economic stability within their family and community.
© Natala Orobello

Monday, June 1, 2015

Plainly Speaking

Some events are complicated
They happen with accidental surprise
unwanted, undesired like cancer.

Some events are heart wrenching
stripping and tearing the heart
like separation or divorce.

Some events are beautiful
opening feelings of love and compassion
like child birth or adoption.

Some events are powerful
compelling one to wonder in awe
like the ocean or a star filled night.

All events come with lessons
that bring strength, courage, and wisdom
As long as we see them that way.
© Natala Orobello