Thursday, June 11, 2015

On The Subject of Women

This summer I am dedicating to Woman’s Studies. I have always been an advocate for a woman’s education and for her improved conditions at home. I believe these go hand in hand but not always. I have known very educated women who are suppressed, repressed, abused physically, emotionally, and sexually, and I have written multiple articles regarding this topic.

My research is about one-quarter completed. I am learning that most of my opinions are accurate, women who are educated, in the work force, and self-reliant experience a greater degree of freedom from oppression and abuse. I am learning that men from almost the beginning of time have tried (and most often have succeeded) to keep women barefoot and pregnant or at the very least dependant on him. This confirms his power, authority, and governance over the weaker sex who is after all the culprit of his sexual desires.

I have learned that throughout history, men have blamed women for his “seduction”, so she has had to abide by some very dismal, painful, and uncomfortable dress codes. Every continent has imposed a certain dress code, so a woman’s body is totally kept hidden from his lustful eyes, or women were given fashion (designed by men) that enhanced a woman’s sexual appeal. Today, many women in industrialized countries dress comfortably according to their own desires, taste, and appeal.

Perhaps, as I continue to learn and research, I will share my findings like my next book I'm reading on Economics and how women have actually helped socio-economic stability within their family and community.
© Natala Orobello

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