Monday, July 27, 2015

Speak Up - Stand Up

Sexual abuse in any form can leave one feeling destitute, despondent, and dissolved, yet one can continue as a broken survivor. Please let me explain what I mean with an example. I have this beautiful statue. It was a gift and I love it, yet several years ago, it fell on my tiled floor and broke. I lovingly glued it back together and placed it back on my counter. I know it has been pieced together and there is a hairline fracture one can see, yet it has survived and is still quite beautiful.

The following poems deal with the very delicate topic of sexual abuse.  But, what I want the reader to know is that in every poetic truth, the individual survived. My “stories” are derived from real stories. Each woman, young girl and child is a broken survivor. Each is just as beautiful as is my beloved statue.
I will be writing more poetry regarding this topic within the next few weeks.
 © Natala Orobello


Christian, Jew, or Muslim
Matters not to me
Call me Eve if you must
But stop the shaming and the blaming
saying we entice and seduce.
A child knows nothing of perversions
An old woman does not ask to be raped
by one who is led my animal instincts
who has no parameters or justice.
Eve desired the ability to know
Adam desired Eve and that has been
the female’s cross.

Brave Soldier Called Woman

We live in a misogynistic world
Of men who hold the power and control
Afraid to compete God’s equal creation
So they suppress, oppress
Accuse and demoralize to authorize
themselves into power       
they lack-
Yet, when a woman learns
When she becomes aware of God’s truth
And men’s lies
She will realize
Her own ability – her tenacity
Her courage – her strength
And she will know that within
Her lives a soldier stronger,
Braver than any known to man.

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