Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Her Name was Jane

Her name was Jane
She was lovely, smart, and innocent.
Her father had abused her
So she didn’t think anything of it
when her husband beat her
or forced her to have sex.

She didn’t know tenderness
Or of a love that could be kind.
She hid her split lip with lipstick
Her black eye with makeup
Yet, she could not hide her broken

And so one day she opened up.
She shared her anguish and her pain
and when she learned that love was
Pain, hurt, repent, or excuse
She held her head up high
And told her abuser
Good – bye.
                                           © Natala Orobello

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I Hate

I am not a misandrist
Yet -
I hate those who say women
Are to blame as seducers
I hate those who say women
Are too weak to take care of themselves.
I hate those who say women
Are not rational but emotional beings
I hate those who say a women’s place
Is in the home
I hate those who force a woman
To cover herself because he – the man-
Cannot control his animal instincts
I hate those who say a woman
Cannot be leader of home, city,
or country.
I hate men who prevent women from
an education
I hate men who beat women and rape them.
I only hate those men.
                     © Natala Orobello

Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Victim No Longer

This poem is not meant to portray women who have been abused as victims but as survivors who will no longer tolerate being victimized. I encourage women to seek organizations that will empower them like WOW. Search their site: WOW - Worldwide Organization for Women
There are literally hundreds of organizations to view or join, please take a look.
 Some men have responded to my poetry in defense and have mentioned they feel my poetry victimizes them. Welcome to our world.

She cuts and the pain feels good
She vomits and the emission cleanses
She sleeps in day light solid
At night there are demons
Rabid dogs who attack and rip
Till she is devoured raw.
In silence her screams escape
Within her throat they remain.

One night her dreams change
She stands with conviction and strength
A victim no longer
The animals retreat into the caves
From which they came.
© Natala Orobello