Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Healthy Eating

Mike and I recently sat down to discuss how we could eat a bit healthier than we already do. We love to cook fancy like Chicken Picata or Veal Marsala. These are wonderful dishes as are lasagna, steak and potatoes, but after months or in some cases eating some of these wonderful dishes can add pounds and diminish health. So, we decided we needed a change.

This week began with baseball bat zucchini ( they look like a bat because they are shaped like one), simmered in vegetable broth and served with less than 1/4 lb. of broken up linguini. It was delicious and less than 300 calories per person. Tuesday, Mike made Chicory with Cannellini Beans. This particular dish was around the same number of calories and left us feeling full and comfy all over. Tonight we're having Lentil soup, and that's around the same caloric intake. Tomorrow night will be left over’s and Friday night will be our first helping of bread as Mike is making pizza with spinach and Portobello mushrooms!! 

Mike has already lost five pounds (in only three days!) and I've lost three pounds. Yes, one might think, and one might be right, that it's water we are losing, but to tell the truth we are drinking more water than ever. We stopped bread, meat, pasta, and snacks. We have doubled our intake of vegetables and fruit. Neither of us feel deprived and both of us have agree we are going to continue this for at least another week until we begin adding fish and chicken.

This is our own idea of a diet because both of us love food too much to deprive ourselves of a good fulfilling meal. If you would like the recipes, let me know and I will supply them next week.

 © Natala Orobello

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