Monday, November 30, 2015

I Don't Know

As an older woman, I think I should know so much
when asked questions of import and substance
and I hate saying, "I don't know."

I should know all about tradition,
spiritual growth, and how to have
lasting relationships, but the truth is
I don't know.

I've come close to the golden ring of success
as it is defined by my petty mind
and I'm just beginning to learn that success
is measured not by what I know but by
what I've done.

My actions speak volumes to my friends and family
to those neighbors near and far.
My actions reflect who I really am, so it doesn't
matter what I say or what I know.

I'm an older woman who needs to learn so much more
from those things I've done and those words I've spoken.
If I survive another decade or two, I need to learn
that wisdom comes from figuring out how to answer
those tough questions of which we do not know the answer

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thanksgiving Blessings

Halloween is in the graveyard, and the fallen leaves are becoming crumbled dirt beneath our feet. Yet, there are places where the colorful quilt of orange, red, and yellow cover mountain tops and everyone rejoices at nature’s loving grace.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I think about those blessings in my life. I’m not one to sit at night and list those things for which I am grateful. Nor, do I wake up every morning with a grateful heart, but I am.

Today, as I sit writing, I realize that my actions might speak louder than words; for example, when I wake up and see my husband, I smile and kiss him good morning. I hold my little yorkie in my arms and cradle him like a puppy, telling him how much I love him.

I love the smell of freshly brewed expresso and look forward to my first sip. I smile as I get ready to go to work, acknowledging that I am so fortunate to have a job I love. I think about my grandchildren each and every day, and bask in the joy of being a grandmother.

When my day is over and I trek to the gym, I work out knowing this is GOOD for me, and then I race home (literally), so my evenings can begin with my husband. He is by far the best cook I know, so I eagerly look forward to the meal he has prepared.

Phone calls from either my son or my daughter cause my heart to skip a beat because they are two of the most respectful, loving, affectionate, and incredible people I know.

Above all, I am constantly reminded by the loving God who has provided me with these blessings, and that without Him, I would be and hove nothing. 

© Natala Orobello