Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas Eve

This Christmas was wonderful. My son and his family visited for five days and my daughter and son in law have a new member to their family, Rachel. She's our angel from China. They stayed for seven days!
Mike and I prepared the cabin, so it was not only comfortable but also festive. We were adamant that this Christmas was going to be special, and it was.

When my daughter and her family arrived, I could hear Rachel's shouts of joy at finally having arrived to our mountain cabin in Georgia. She had been prepared by both her momma and babba. She easily found her bed and took her time looking at every nook and cranny of our home. Her smile never left her face, but I will say it was not as special as the night she met Santa. At first she was hesitant but she warmed up soon and then sat on his lap. The next morning, she marveled at all the gifts she received and immediately joined her cousins at play, but even Rachel's joy was a bit overshadowed by my son's love letter.

Frank writes with such passion that I often marvel at his poetic talent. This particular piece of poetry/prose expressed his love, respect, and admiration for every member of the family. It rained on Christmas Eve and there were flood watches and floods where roads had been damaged, so we didn't venture out to evening service. We held our own service around the kitchen table and then Frank read his poem. We laughed and we cried, and we acknowledged once again how fortunate we are to be a family who truly loves, respects, and admires each other. Frank said what we felt with such grace and compassion, with the glow of genuine love.

So, Christmas this year was more splendid than years past. My daughter and son in law found the courage and love to adopt a beautiful little girl, and my son reminded us how very blessed we are.
 © Natala Orobello