Thursday, December 1, 2016

Our Next President

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, which concluded its findings in 2015, the United States lags behind (we are sixteenth) in world literacy as well as in Math and Science. Perhaps this is why we voted for a Reality TV host who can barely complete a sentence without repeating himself or without using words that are sixth grade level.

It would seem that the dumbing down of America has finally caught up with us. We would rather have a president who knows nothing about the political system or our government than a well-educated individual who has worked in government since college. Ignorance is not golden or blissful; it leads to chaos and upheaval. How did this happen? Why did the citizens of one of the greatest countries in the world vote for a philanderer, tax evader, liar, bigot, and near illiterate? The first answer I heard regarding this question was that the only other choice was worse. Really? But, I don’t want to get into defending Hillary Clinton. What I want is to explain why I believe this happened. As far as my projection of what will happen to our great country, in Trump’s famous words, “I will keep you in suspense.”

I believe Donald Trump, the great manipulator of an audience,  played the citizens of this country. He played the blame game by telling his audience (mostly made up of white, blue collar workers) that our country could be great again if only we got rid of the Muslims and the Mexicans. The beauty of his message is that most white, blue collar workers believe that anyway and he confirmed and validated their fears. They really do believe that once the Muslims and Mexicans are deported, our country will be Great Again!

His audience believes that Obama, the first African American president, created the problems we face in our country, i.e., low economic growth, Islamic terrorism, and Washington dissonance. Unfortunately, they forget what this country looked like nine years ago. They forget who was in power when the Towers went down and they forget who took 1.3 trillion dollars from Social Security to pay for our military debt. Hint, it wasn’t Obama or Hillary. They feared a continuation of Obama, yet they forget who got us out of the great recession and who got us out of Iraq.

It is frustrating to note how easily so many Americans forget the not so distant past, for they cannot mean a great America from ten years ago, or a great America from forty years ago, so what America do they hope for? Should women go back to the kitchens, so they can prepare a hot dinner for their man? Should blacks go back to segregation? Should refugees be turned away regardless of the persecution they escape? Should back alley abortions resume? Should we bomb the hell out of the Middle East and steal their oil? Should we round up all Jews? Is this the America we want?© Natala Orobello

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